We Must Pass Medicaid Expansion

One of the most fulfilling things I’ve done over the last few months is work on the effort to get the Medicaid expansion initiative on the ballot.

This was a citizen-led effort to do what our legislature has been unwilling to do — ensure affordable healthcare access to tens of thousands of Idahoans.

Had enough of our do-nothing legislature?

It’s time to vote.

Getting Medicaid expansion on the ballot is just the first step. We must also turn out in force at the polls in November to pass this initiative.

And while we’re there, we must also vote for representatives who will truly implement the will of the people. Many of our current legislators, including Barbara Ehardt, have said they will fight against Medicaid expansion — even if We the People pass it in November.

Our voices mean nothing to the majority of those who purport to represent us in Boise. And this Medicaid fight only underscores the sad reality. We work hard, collecting the signatures needed to put it on the ballot, and our “representatives” are already gearing up to fight against our will if it should pass later on.

Have you had enough yet?

And it’s not just Medicaid expansion. Our so-called representatives are against the people when it comes to education and public lands. Despite calls for increased funding and teacher pay, despite an interest in keeping our public lands in our own hands, our legislators continue to fight against the very things that make our state a great place to live.

It’s time to stop business as usual in Boise.

It’s time for actual representatives of the citizens.

If you’ve had enough, VOTE on November 6, 2018 for Jim De Angelis.