“We need TEAMWORK to solve the problems of jobs, education, infrastructure and ethics.”


The tragedy of the Medicaid gap for 78,000 Idaho citizens goes completely against my principle of “Never leave Anyone Behind”. Rigid conservative politics without concern for the health of so many people is beyond comprehension.

Equal Rights

Women in government must be treated as equals of men, and be paid at equal pay levels. This glass ceiling must be broken for good. Respect for all our citizens whether straight or LGBT should be an equal right. Separation of church and state is fundamental to our United States constitution. Freedom of religion does not give one the right to deny basic rights to all. 

“Never leave Anyone Behind”!


Education is the most important tool for our children in achieving success in life. Pre-school through College or technical school must be funded and staffed with the best personnel possible. We cannot compete with surrounding states with the low starting salary in place. College costs must be contained and lowered.

An Idaho student loan program with low interest rates could be established for our colleges. The burden of student debt today for our children is unbelievable. High stakes testing must be reigned in, and the burdens on our teachers must be reduced. In the short time since my retirement from SD 91, the following added duties have appeared: Increased preps from 4 to 5; required advisory sessions; senior projects supervision and loss of electives due to preparation courses for high stakes testing. It’s no wonder that an exodus of teachers from Idaho and retirements have rocketed.


The revenue stream must be increased with a realistic review of current tax exemptions, and joining other states with Internet taxes required for Idaho. Water conservation and recharge of the Snake River Plain aquifer should be continued at all costs. An independent ethics review committee should be established, and financial disclosure of legislators is required to prevent conflict of interests in legislation. Rigid conservative politics without true communication with opposing party views breeds bad laws, and often tilting at windmills which ends up costing Idaho large sums of legal fees. The minimum wage really needs adjusting for inflation, and a realistic living wage.