My Qualifications

Twenty five years as a Naval Officer instilled in me leadership and management skills. First lesson: Teamwork and caring for members of your command led to mission accomplishment. Listening to other points of view, and communication both up and down the chain of command gave me a high respect for the lowest Seaman to the Chiefs, the real workhorses of the Navy. Second lesson: Never leave anyone behind! You don’t have to be a Navy Seal to realize that all the people under your command deserve to advance their careers, and that you fight for their behalf.

Ten years of teaching Science in public high school reemphasized the principle of “Never Leave Anyone Behind”. I emphasized problem solving skills, and critical thinking. My students were taught to stand on their own feet, and prepare themselves for real life. Respect for other species and the planet Earth were key ideas in Biological sciences. I was the advisor for the Ben & Jerry Environmental Club, and with outstanding students established a school-wide recycling program of plastic, classroom paper, aluminum cans and kitchen cardboard. To this day, I still recycle these materials weekly, and have included materials from the District 91 main office. All profits go back to the club at Idaho Falls High School.